What We Do

Becky’s Bathhouse

We are a wellness centre and shower facility serving women and children residing in Mavrovouni refugee camp on the Greek Island of Lesvos. We provide hot showers, but our primary aim is to create a safe, warm, and welcoming place for women and children to disengage from the everyday realities of the camp. In everything we do, we want to reinforce the basic autonomy and dignity of every woman and child that visits our centre.

Our Facilities

Our Bathhouse is next to the sea and equipped with laundry facilities, private showers, a bathroom, a small kitchen, a beauty station, and a play area for the children. Additionally, we have a back area designated for clothing inventory and additional clinic spaces which can be used for massages, quiet rest areas, or other wellness treatments. Our kid’s play area is filled with toys, books, and art supplies so the children who come can feel like kids and have fun. This allows mothers to feel at peace watching their children play in a safe environment.

Beauty Station

We have a beauty station stocked with lotions, skin care products, hair products and nail polish. This area is a fun and important aspect to our centre, as women and children are given the rare opportunity to attend to their appearances and engage in self-restoration.

As a team of women from all over the globe, we cooperatively foster a safe space that allows women to take a breath, children to play, and all visitors, service users and volunteers alike, to leave the space with a sense of self-efficacy.


We make and distribute hygiene bags to all of our guests. These bags are hand made and donated to us by incredible individuals. We fill the bags with hygiene products donated from LUSH such as soaps, body washes, and shampoos, as well as pads and prenatal care items including diapers, creams, and lotions. Each child that comes to the Bathhouse leaves with a small toy or educational materials.


We work with other NGOs on the island to ensure that the needs of people living in the camp are met whenever necessary. We firmly believe that collaboration with international organizations as well as with our local Greek neighbours is vital to improving the lives and wellbeing of all people currently living as refugees. Together, we are stronger.

“Here, it doesn’t matter where we are from. We are all human.”

– Long Term Volunteer (Iran)

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