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Our Volunteers

As a women-run and led NGO, we welcome women from across the globe to come to Lesvos and contribute their skills and compassion to our project. Our volunteers help with a variety of tasks including organizing pickups from the camp, driving our van, preparing hot drinks, cleaning showers, watching over kids, supporting guests through talking and listening, organizing activities, keeping the centre clean and beautiful, and generally ensuring that our space remains a safe and calm place of restoration. Please consider all of the following before applying!

A note on COVID-19: We urge you to educate yourself on the current COVID-19-related travel advisories for both your home country and those of Greece. We now require new volunteers to spend their initial two weeks in quarantine for the safety of our communities. Any pertinent information will be communicated to you upon receipt of your application.

Who You Are

We are a women-centred space, due to this, we will only accept women-identifying individuals. Additionally, the work we do can be very emotionally charged and straining, thus in order to ensure our team is responsible enough to navigate difficult situations, we only accept volunteers over the age of 23. This is a hard rule, which we will not make exceptions on. Priority is given to those who have relevant knowledge and experiences, outlined in ‘Past Experience’, below.

Past Experience

It is very beneficial if our volunteers have lived experience or other experience working with displaced and vulnerable persons, and/or have knowledge of the European Refugee Crisis and frameworks of migration and immigration. Other relevant areas of knowledge include, but are not limited to: Sociology, Political Science, Women’s Health, Psychology, Child and Youth Development, Teaching, and Trauma Therapies.

Some of our past volunteers have worked with large humanitarian organizations, and for others, this is their first experience doing such work. What we have in common is a passionate belief that women of all walks deserve lives of dignity, autonomy and security.

An Exchange

We welcome the idea of using our space in new and exciting ways! Are you a hairdresser? An English teacher? A massage therapist? A yoga instructor? If you believe your skill sets might be useful in making the centre a welcoming and exciting environment, be sure to highlight these in your statement of intent!

We are a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization powered by a very small team of volunteers, so individuals who are independent, courageous, and able to see and take initiative will make great additions to our team.

Languages Spoken

English is the most commonly spoken language among the team, but this does change depending on who is currently volunteering at any given time. Priority for volunteering is given to volunteers who speak Farsi, Arabic, and French as these are the main languages of our guests. Greek speakers are also given priority as they can help us with local translation. No matter your fluency, we work as a team to understand one another and work collaboratively.


If you would like to come to volunteer with us, please send us an email to volunteer@beckysbathhouse.org, putting in the subject line VOLUNTEER + POSITION + the dates you wish to come volunteer with us. 

** We are currently only accepting volunteers who can commit to our project long-term (minimum three months) and who are willing to assume a solidified role within our team.

In your email, please insert the following information:

  • Age (you must be over the age of 23, no exceptions)
  • If you have a driving license (international if you are from outside of Europe) and feel comfortable driving a manual, 8-seater car
  • If you are comfortable paying 10 euros per night for accommodations
  • Additionally, please attach the following documents:
    • Resume or CV
    • Letter of Recommendation
    • One Page Statement of Intent

Please be aware, if you do volunteer you will be working with vulnerable populations. Due to this, we will need a Criminal Record Check with the date of issue a MAXIMUM of 6 months prior to your arrival at the Bathhouse. Additionally, we will require proof of identity, such as a copy of your passport. These documents will need to be submitted to us before your arrival. 

We currently require that all volunteers stay a minimum of three months. 

“I felt welcomed and included and perfectly well informed from the very start. The whole project, the amazing people and women I met, the solidarity I felt every day and the huge amount of reflectance, optimism and cohesion that the team of BBH brought to work every day, as well as the friendships that I made with the other volunteers, made the whole experience a unique, wonderful and very special time for me, that I will never forget.”

– Former Volunteer

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