Send a Letter to Your Representatives

Want to raise awareness about the situation on Lesvos Island? Letters to your government officials are a great place to start. Simply copy and paste the following text and send as an email to your representatives! Thank you.


Dear [Representative],

I am contacting you as my political representative to express my dismay at the ongoing humanitarian crisis on Lesvos island, Greece, which has reached breaking point since a series of fires broke out in Moria refugee camp between 9 and 10 of September.

As I am sure you are aware, the fires within Moria camp devastated the area, which at the time was accommodating over 12,000 people in appalling conditions. After fleeing for safety, these people were left stranded on nearby roads for over a week with no access to shelter, food, water or sanitation, while the authorities scrambled to erect a new camp.

During that period, the scenes coming out of Lesvos island were extremely alarming as tensions between the local community, the authorities and the residents of Moria spilled over. I have been very disturbed to see that violent clashes broke out on a number of occasions, which resulted in teargas being used by the Greek authorities on children and very vulnerable people.  

The new camp consists of some 800 tents, closed in behind huge mental fences and razor barbed wire. It is not clear whether this camp will be permanently closed, however residents currently have very little control over their ability to come and go freely. 

Moreover, despite it being several weeks since the initial incident, the facilities at the camp remain very poor. The food is limited, there is no access to running water and the toilets are unsanitary. Finally, there are no showers in the camp, which is disproportionately impacting women as they have no private spaces to clean themselves sufficiently. With the ongoing risks of a Covid – 19 outbreak, this severe lack of hygiene facilities should be extremely concerning to us all.

The conditions and situation that these people are experiencing are simply unacceptable and they do not meet the standards we would expect in a civilised and compassionate society. As my representative, I am asking you to speak out about this unacceptable situation and to call on the Government to do the following:

  • Condemn the deplorable humanitarian situation that is ongoing and call for a swift change in policy that will put an end to this situation.
  • Demand that our Government works with relevant Greek and EU authorities to support the relocation of all residents of Moria camp off Lesvos island, prioritising the most vulnerable.
  • Call on the Government to receive people in our country as part of the relocation. 
  • Ensure that running water and appropriate sanitation is provided at the new camp prior to their relocation, considering particularly the needs of women and girls.

Out of this tragic event, I ask you to give your unwavering support to finding a long term and sustainable solution for the people of Moria. It is clear that this solution must involve moving these people off Lesvos island as quickly as possible. If this does not happen, we could find ourselves with a calamitous situation on Lesvos island. I urge you to support these calls and to  hold the values of human rights and dignity in the highest regard whilst doing so. 

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,