Becky’s Legacy

Her Story

Becky’s Bathhouse is a registered Greek NGO that was founded in honour of Rebecca Dykes, Becky, after she tragically lost her life whilst working for the UK Government in Lebanon. Becky managed aid projects, namely those focused on supporting asylum seekers and women and children living as refugees. She was passionate about female empowerment and held great empathy for those living in the brutal conditions of refugee camps. Becky was a kind and generous woman and we hope to keep her legacy alive through our mission and operations.

To learn more, please visit the Rebecca Dykes Foundation, a restricted fund that was set up by Rebecca’s friends and family with the aim of continuing her important work. It does this by supporting and funding projects that further causes that were close to Rebecca’s heart.

“Humanitarian work was her passion. She was devoted, dedicated and hard-working.”

-Jane, Becky’s Mother and the founder of Becky’s Bathhouse