Meet Our Team


Jane is the founder of BBH. After the death of her daughter Rebecca Dykes, she decided to carry on her legacy and spirit through the Bathhouse. 


Annie joined the team in July, 2019 as a volunteer on Lesvos. She is our head coordinator on the island and oversees all operational, volunteer and partnership initiatives. She is also a member of our multimedia team.


Parisa has been an essential part of our coordinating team since March, 2019. She provides translation in both Farsi and English, and ensures that our space is welcoming for each and every visitor.


Marika was a volunteer in 2019. She continues to devote time to create and bolster BBH’s digital presence, brand, and social media accounts as our digital design and outreach coordinator.


We are so happy to have Fahimeh on board as an official translator between Farsi and English and assist us with local relations. She has been with us since October, 2019.


Noor joined BBH in February, 2019 as our Operations Officer. She oversees much of the administrative and logistical tasks that keep our NGO alive.


We are excited to have Jenna on board in 2020 as our fundraising, grants and sponsors coordinator. She is currently with our team in Lesvos assisting with outreach and logistics.