Interested in organising your own fundraiser for us? Here’s how!

1. Think of a creative idea

Current fundraisers:

Terri Armstrong is walking 164 miles through Spain for BBH! Support her fundraiser here.

There are tons of different ways you can fundraise! Here are just a few examples:

  • Run a marathon or take part in a challenge event, then collect donations in our support (our team member Jenna is doing this, check out this video of her describing the importance of peer-to-peer fundraising!)
  • Contact a local business and ask them to consider donating a portion of proceeds from a specific item to us
  • Contact local businesses/artisans/artists and ask them to consider donating some goods, then create an online market to sell the items, with the proceeds to be donated to us
  • Design a T-Shirt or art print, and sell them online, donating the profits to us

Are you a professional? Artisan? Consider offering your services for a specific day or period of time, with payment as a donation to us (example: yoga classes, tattoos, hair cuts)

2. Tell us about it

Send us an email to about your fundraising idea! We will be able to answer any questions you may have, as well as provide you with the tools you need to promote your fundraiser (our logo, photos, and our terms and conditions for operating a fundraiser on our behalf).  Head over to our donation page to learn how to send items and/or funds, or see below for ways to set up your own fundraising site!

3. Choose an online platform

  • There are many different types of online platforms for fundraising money, as well as selling items as a donation. It’s best to do research on the currency used, as well as any fees associated with using the platform.
  • Some of our favorites are:

Follow our monthly release of Becky’s Bubble to look out for fundraising spotlights!

Create your fundraising page and start promoting! Sharing your fundraiser on social media and tag us @beckysbathhouse on Ίνσταγκραμ, Facebook, and Twitter!

Here are some past fundraisers led by wonderful supporters like you: