Becky’s Bathhouse believes that access to basic sanitation, health and wellness, which
considers the specific needs of women and girls, is a human right; our mission is to live up to that philosophy.

Statement on operational changes

Becky’s Bathhouse is pleased to announce our intention to move and integrate our shower and laundry operations into Lesvos NGO, When We Band Together, effective March 1, 2022.

This decision will see Becky’s Bathhouse leave its current location of Tabakaria warehouse and move into the space of When We Band Together (WWBT), which is a short distance from Moria.

When We Band Together is a Sports, Arts and Wellness Center For Humanity, offering a range of recreational and educational activities to its guests. The centre is open for women and children, 5 days a week, and provides a pick up service to its guests from outside Mavrovouni camp.

Both Becky’s Bathhouse and WWBT are organisations committed to providing dignity and autonomy to women living as refugees on Lesvos island. The collaboration and integration will ensure that Becky’s Bathhouse can continue to support these priorities, in parallel with WWBT, for the foreseeable future.

Women and children will continue to have access to our dignified shower services at WWBT, as well as the use of much-needed laundry services. Additionally, guests will have the opportunity to participate in any of the many activities being offered by WWBT.

Any guests attending WWBT will have the opportunity to access services provided by Becky’s Bathhouse. This will primarily include hot showers, laundry services, hygiene distribution, as well as organised women’s health and hygiene promotion sessions.

Becky’s Bathhouse founder, Jane Houng, said: “After 3 wonderful years in our beautiful Bathhouse by the sea, the time has come to begin a new chapter for Becky’s Bathhouse, which will secure the long term sustainability of the project. With so many synergies between our two projects, I have no doubt that this collaboration will prove to be very beneficial to the women and children we are committed to serving. The overarching aim of Becky’s Bathhouse has always been to provide dignity and autonomy to refugee women that have arrived on Lesvos by offering a calm and peaceful environment in our centre. This will continue in our new space at When We Band Together. Over the last 3 years, all the staff and volunteers of Becky’s Bathhouse have worked tirelessly to support all our guests and I would like to thank everyone who has supported our critical humanitarian project during this time.”

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